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Service we provide:


1- Written translations
- official(licensed translations on a letterhead of the agency and signed by the respective translator having rendered the translation of the document), and unofficial written translations.


2The process of legalization certifies the authenticity of each document. The legalization is carried out by the "Consular Relations" Directorate at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ...more


3Subject of certification are documents issued by different countries intended to be used in Bulgaria.. ...more


4Official translation that is to be certified by the Consular relations office at the Ministry of foreign affairs in the Republic of Bulgaria. Certified are both Bulgarian documents ...more


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Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice and more

Registration of translator

Registration of translator :: REGISTRIERUNG FUR UBERSETZER :: Candidature traducteur:

Having originated in ancient times, the need for translation today is growing more and more rapidly. The development of modern society in the era of globalization requires ever more intensive communications and exchange of information. For the effective functioning of these processes, very essential is the role of translators, whose qualities and skills contribute to creating an atmosphere of mutual understanding and partnership between representatives of different cultures – a prerequisite for successful business.
Our agency aims to facilitate the interaction between our clients and their employees and business partners by providing them translation and interpretation performed by translators with high professionalism.
The team of translators we work with is licensed, ie they all have the capacity to practice the profession of translator/interpreter, both in writing and orally. Their valuable experience accumulated allows us to guarantee high quality of the translation services.
The long years of work in fast changing modern conditions of life have taught us to be helpful, adaptable and always in service to our customers.
We treat our customers with respect and gain confidence that we justify with our work and punctuality.

PH CONSULTING LTD is an agency authorized by virtue of a Contract № 1801 dated 18.12.2012 with the MFA for rendering official translations from Bulgarian to foreign languages and from foreign languages to Bulgarian.

City of Varna, 91, Slivnitsa Blvd. (next to the Raiffeisenbank office)